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Hollywood Isn’t Waiting Around For Novice Screenplays by Scott Kirkpatrick

Watch the video interview on Youtube here...

Hollywood Isn’t Waiting Around For Novice Screenplays by Scott Kirkpatrick

Film Courage:  I’ve heard you say something about ‘the big secret that never gets told to anyone outside of Hollywood is that most films are greenlit before the final script is made.’ So do tell. Because for a lot of people who aren’t from here or aren’t familiar with the business, I think they’d be sort of shocked to know this?

Scott Kirkpatrick: It’s important to remember that movies and TV shows cost an incredible amount of money to produce.  And if there is nobody to watch it on the backside or to transact upon it, on iTunes or at a movie theater, then there is not much of a point in doing that.  And there is an even more expensive aspect to producing something which is marketing it and getting it out in front of people so they know it exists.  So that when they’re interested in seeing it and ready to buy tickets or download it behind a paywall and pay money for it, they have the ability to do it and they’re ready to do it right away.  That’s the financial end...(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).

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