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The 1 Writer Who Makes It And The 9 Who Don’t by Corey Mandell

(Watch the video on Youtube here)

Film Courage: I know you said in another video that when you were teaching at UCLA (and forgive me if UCLA is on the quarter system or the semester system…but…) okay each quarter or semester you would see maybe two people in the class that you felt were like gems [i.e., especially talented writers) and the others ones (although with time and proper training they could become that)…I’m wondering…those two people…those hypothetical students…would they really know [that they were ultra-talented]? Could they see that they were different from other writers?

Corey Mandell: Usually.

Film Courage: Really? How did they know? How could you see it and they also see it in themselves?

Corey Mandell: So…I was talking about this with a manager the other day….(for more of this video with Corey, please visit Youtube here).


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