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What is it About the Salsa Dance World that Attracts Many to the Point of Addiction?

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“At some point in the making of this film I asked myself, what is it about the salsa dance world that attracts many to the point of addiction, often avoiding alcohol or other drugs because these substances interfere with their deeper addiction? I found that some got their start growing up in a home where Latin dance was simply a part of life. Others started by going in search of social possibilities, and others went looking to fill a void in their lives. But when music and motion come together in this form of Latin street dance, something else takes hold and leads to places few, including myself, have regretted going…(read more of the Director’s statement here)”

Edwin Gailits


COLD NIGHTS HOT SALSA takes you inside the international dance world of Victor and Katia, aspiring young salsa dancers from Montreal, who seek to win a World Salsa Championship.

Cold Nights Hot Salsa Trailer FF from Edwin Gailits on Vimeo.

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